The Customer Tracing Solution

Trace your visitors quickly, safely and in-line with the Government COVID-19 guidelines.

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Contact-less Check in

Tractix enables visitors and customers to sign in using their personal smartphone, allowing for a completely contact-less process. Our platform has been built with safety in mind, ensuring your clients and staff remain as safe as possible.


A Modern Solution

Your customers will love the stylish and contemporary platform that enables them to sign in to your business digitally while remaining contact and fuss free. We ensure all of their details are stored securely on our databases.

100% Secure

Data Security and GDPR Compliant

Our system takes care of all your Privacy, Security and GDPR requirements. We ensure all data collection meets the government standards keeping you free to focus on the core parts of your business.

How it Works

Your Unique Page

Upon sign-up we’ll create your very own business profile page which will incorporate your logo, location, a cover picture and a small summary of your business or premises. We'll also generate your unique QR code to put on display.

Customer Sign up

Your customers are able to find your page via a simple link or your own QR Code system which we provide to you. The QR Code can be printed and displayed wherever you would like your customers to see it.


Once on your page the customer registers their visit which date and time stamps when they have arrived. We’ll store their data in line with all GDPR and Data Security requirements. Once they leave they simply check-out of your location and carry on with their day.

Contact If Needed

If the NHS reach out to you about a potential COVID-19 patient who has been on your premises all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will pass on the details of all the potential customers that would need to be contacted.


10% of all revenue will be donated to NHS Charities Together

Silver Package


Per Month (paid quarterly)
  • 1 Venue
  • - Unique URL & QR Code
  • - GDPR Compliant
  • - Contactless Registration
  • - Manage Track & Trace Requests
  • - Unlimited User Sign Up

Gold Package


Per Month (paid quarterly)
  • Up To 5 Venues
  • - Unique URL & QR Code
  • - GDPR Compliant
  • - Contactless Registration
  • - Manage Track & Trace Requests
  • - Unlimited User Sign Up

Platinum Package

Contact Us

For Custom Pricing
  • 6+ Venues
  • - Unique URL & QR Code
  • - GDPR Compliant
  • - Contactless Registration
  • - Manage Track & Trace Requests
  • - Unlimited User Sign Up


Most frequent questions and answers

While you can’t guarantee that customers will sign-in using the Tractix system there are some helpful ways in which you can encourage them to do som. These include having your Tractix QR code displayed prominently at the entrance and around your premises so it is easy to see. Another great way is to ensure yourself or your staff ask visitors to scan the QR code or register themselves using your unique URL.

There is no legal requirement for ALL businesses to ensure they are keeping a register of who is walking through their doors. What having a system like Tractix in place ensures that in the event of a COVID-19 patient entering your place of business or residence – there is a great process in place to keep anyone who should be informed, aware that they may need to isolate themselves and in turn protect the local community.

In the event that the NHS get in touch with you regarding a COVID-19 patient that may at some point has been on your premises you simply get in touch with us using our contact form here. Once we receive your request we will get in touch with you to discuss the date of the Track and Trace request and work to get you the required data in a 24 hour time period.

The date of your visit to a single venue in addition to your name, phone number and email address.

Our platform has been designed and built in order to minimise risk for responsible businesses who are wanting to help protect their staff, clients, vistors and selves. AS such our aim is to protect you from any potential legal risks or fines due to breach of any Data Privacy or GDPR regulations.

If there is an instance where the NHS Test and Trace Team get in touch with you and request the details of any guests or customers at your premises, you simply contact is here in order to request this data. Once the request has been put forward, we will work to pass the data securely on within 24 hours.

Your unique QR code is generated for you by us upon sign up and is a quick and efficient way for visitors of your venue or premises to sign-in to your Tractix platform. We recommend printing your QR Code out and displaying it prominently at the entrance as well as around your premises. In order for visitors, customers and clients to sign-in they simply use the camera on their phone to scan the QR Code, this will re-direct them to your unique Tractix page and allow them to fill in their details for submission.

We are fully GDPR compliant and follow strict Data Security procedures to ensure that all data that is collected through our platform is handled, stored and disposed of in the proper manner. As we handle of the data collection and storage, the onus is on us to remain GDPR compliant leaving you nothing to worry about.

What Customers Are Saying

Testimonials From Clients

"So simple, moved us away from collecting everyone's details by pen and paper and letting us get on with serving our Customers!!!"
The Lamb
Bar & Restaurant
“A great tool that has helped us to stay responsible and keep our customers as well as our staff safe during these crazy times.”
Small Business Owner
“I very much like the fact that by utilising Tractix I no longer have to worry about data collection adn storage, they do it all for us”
Local Pub

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